Don’t miss this exceptional offer — 12 Comments

    • Due to the unique cantilevered design of the dwelling, the chance of horizontal expansion is somewhat limited. Attic conversion should be possible [subject to planning approval of course].

  1. Shoulda Tweeted the ad.
    Obviously not going for chicken feed, then.
    Could be a holiday home for immigrants.
    A small deposit will secure.
    Nice nieghbours, though prone to shouts of “Arse”.
    Rumours of a large cock in the vicinity are groundless.
    Enough, before I get the bird.

    • The photograph doesn’t really capture the actual size of the property. If I pointed out that previous occupants used the roof as a landing strip it might give an indication?

  2. I notice your advertisment is missing an energy certificate! I’m afraid I couldn’t consider it unless the insulation were up to a good standard to keep heating costs down and minimise my CO2 footprint.

    • Aw bollocks to that! I’m sure I could bribe someone enough to give it an A++ or whatever the rating system is.

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