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    • I was first referred to Dr Google by Daughter who is another long time patient of his. She’s a semi-paramedic so I trust her judgement.

  1. You actually have to go and see a doctor!? How quaint. Over here, The Envy Of The World™ has moved on from that old fashioned way of doing things and we now have telephone appointments. It seems all that stuff that use to go on, like taking your pulse and your blood pressure, measuring height and weight, looking at you and noting your physical condition was all so much nonsense and a waste of time. All the doctor needs is to hear your voice to make a diagnosis.

    • Yup. Still in the Dark Ages, though fortunately he doesn’t go for blood letting or leeches. As part of my health insurance I do apparently have access to an online doctor, a symptom checker and my own online physiotherapist. I tend to avoid the latter animal as physiotherapists all seem to have an unhealthy obsession with exercise for some reason.

  2. Dear Grandad

    I hope your doctor does not read your blog.

    @ Doonhamer on 6th October 2021 at 8:17 pm

    I fear the second statement is not correct: Grandad drinks the same as his patient; neither more nor less.


    • Actually he is one of the few in the area who is aware of it. I don’t know if he still reads it, but he has been fairly busy for the last couple of years so I doubt it.

  3. I’d make an appointment but I doubt you reimburse for mileage. Besides, travelling upwards of 3000 miles just to visit a doc just isn’t in the cards at the moment. On top of that You’re probably not a member of the VA’s Community Care program. That and my car would probably flood.

    Too bad since I’ve been sick for the last month and I’m still getting over it. Doctor Google is of no use as I tried to enter my symptoms and all it came up with was that blasted Covid-19. So I went and got one of those swab-up-the-nose tests (oh so accurate) and it came out negative. So who knows what it is. I suppose you could take one look at me and tell me what this damn stuff is?

    • Byy the sound of things I would probably diagnose a dose of Covid-20. The mainstream medics seem to be hung up on the older version.

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