The Gabble — 9 Comments

  1. A sideline voiceover career for an auctioneer, perchance. They’re the real masters of ‘the gabble’ – or gavel.

    • They tend to deal only in numbers though and as such are slightly easier to understand. How would they manage with “This offer is only available every fourth Friday of the month to fifteen year olds from Sidcup who were born since 2020“?

    • No. It’s usually a male voice but sometimes female. Speeding up provides a recognisable distortion, but these are just vary fast speakers.

    • It’s there to cover the advertiser in case listeners take some of their claims too literally. I heard one advertiser stating quite categorically that their broadband was “faster than the speed of light”! The Gabble then gave more realistic figures of [I think] 100Mb/s. I think they are required by law to include it anyway.

    • How can I forget? He destroyed the peace of many a Saturday afternoon on the beach in Summer.

  2. Far too many of the working younger generation speak in rapid mumble, they need subtitles, but infinitely better than the baseball hatted non working younger gen who communicate is a series of grunts.

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