Fill her up — 3 Comments

  1. Same time here (early 70’s) Oregon adopted a system where cars with a license plate ending with an even number could fuel up on one day and odd numbers on the next. It worked out fairly well except for the ones who showed up wanting to fill their cars and every sort of gas container known to man. They left somewhat dejected.

    • Over here, people used any and every container they could lay their hands on. There were stories of people driving home and syphoning off the car into jerry cans, water cans and anything that would hold a liquid – they’d then head off again claiming that their tank was empty.

      Just down the road from the above mentioned hostelry a car skidded off the road and vanished in a ball of fire. Two young lads burned to death. It transpired the back of the car was full of plastic cans filled with petrol.

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