What a load of horse manure — 11 Comments

  1. If the Chinese are logging in, you could mention the other pooh and see if, or how, they comment? Before the cretin in Beijing decided to let the world be infected, it is understood that he has banned all writings of AA Milne after someone (now probably in a ‘wellness centre’ in the middle of the country)likened his portly figure to that of Pooh Bear. I also understand that, since then, Piglet, Ratty, and Mole were last seen being taken on a walking tour of a Wuhan wet market.
    Whatever the content, keep writing it. Knowing someone else is having a normal life really does cheer me up.

    • I knew a girl once called Pooh. She was actually called Freda [Freda = Winifred = Winnie = Winnie-the-Pooh = Pooh. Geddit?] She was a fine thing too and didn’t mind the name in the least.

  2. You are too modest – e.g., coming up with bon mots like, “Shingle Bells”!

    And nothing much is happening elsewhere presently – I think it’s the lull before the storm: Dollar’s demise, WW3 (invasion of Taiwan), Fauci soon to be hoist by his own petard, the walking corpse messing up everything – it’s all to look forward to!

  3. You’re doing fine and dandy with your missives and I’m pretty picky about what I read you know. Plus I’m an expert on Head Rambles. After all I’ve been reading your stuff since almost the beginning haven’t I? So I suggest you ignore your own opinion of your writings of late, keep scribbling, and let us enjoy reading them.

  4. Some people buy Barry Manilow’s records and that’s complete unmitigated shite, but those folk happily spend their hard-earned money on it. At least your self-described shite doesn’t cost us anything, so why shouldn’t we keep enjoying it? Keep it free shite and we’ll keep reading it.

    • Is he still even alive? Was he ever? I can’t imagine anyone buying any of his records. The world is a strange place.

  5. Struggling and overcoming everything the world throws at you – that’s Jordan Peterson’s definition of an unsung hero

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