Pay it forward — 11 Comments

  1. So give him some free publicity, like name, phone number, etc (unless of course he objects)

  2. An old fashioned tradesman who puts professional pride and integrity ahead of profit – a rare thing now!

  3. I have the great luck to being a customer of such a rare kind of old fashioned car mechanic – we both know, we’re lucky: I know, I can rely on him and without exception pay him a bit more than he asks, and he knows he’ll always gets a bit more than he asks … and that I’ll always be back.
    I think it’s got not only to do with professional pride and integrity ahead of proft – it’s the difference between people who think short term and those who are able to think long term – short term, you might make more money by ripping people off, long term you’ll make more (and more regular) money, if you treat people fairly.

    • I have been using the same mechanic for thirty years or more. I trust him completely to do exactly as I ask [usually make sure the car will pass its annual test] and he will do precisely that, no more, no less. I just wish other tradesmen were as reliable as that.

  4. Is sometin you do from time to time, la? Sometimes for an old fart like yourself (I’m beginning to resemble that my own self). Sometimes it’s a young woman with too many kids and no daddies. You do the job of work, up tools, and leave no bill. You take pride in a job well done, and recall that maybe it really is God working through you to help that poor sod/sodess. (Is that a thing?).
    But a bottle of thank you is indeed called for here.

    • I’m a great believer in the Pay It Forward concept [hence the title]. I do work or favours for others and expect nothing in return. I think it is just an essential part of life. There is far too much emphasis on money these days.

  5. A small village second-hand car/van-seller where I live has a novel approach to guarantees – as the first year expires, he phones the customer and asks if anything went wrong with the vehicle, if they report any problems, he asks how much it cost to fix, the next day the customer gets a cheque through the letter-box for that amount. He’s got many loyal repeat customers.

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