Opinions are fine if you don’t think — 10 Comments

  1. Of course you have the right to your opinions, and to express them.
    (The fine print says you can’t hurt anyone’s feelings in doing so.)

    If you so desire, you too can have a good job in government; as long as you don’t have an aversion to kissing all the proper asses.

  2. What is even more extraordinary is that she no longer even lives in Ireland. Can everyone who lived in Ireland at some time have a government post?

  3. You may recall the old song ‘Standing on the corner, watching all the girls go by’ – it has a line “Brother, you can’t go to jail for what you’re thinking”. It seems that nowadays simply thinking something can lead you to the dock, whether there’s a UN Special Envoy for it or not.

    But in reality, all those created non-roles are just generous sinecures for failed politicians, offering enhanced salaries, unlimited expenses and fabulous travel – in the UK we have the House of Lords for that.

    • I think I read somewhere that her salary was “commensurate with middle-management levels” whatever the hell that means. Anyway it’s the perks and expenses that make the money.

      • “whatever the hell that means”

        It means you don’t need to know. Actually, not so much you don’t need to know as much as we are afraid to tell you.

  4. Is she expected to protect these freedoms or is her task to reduce them? The job title doesn’t seem to say.

    • No doubt to protect and foster the freedom to fall in line with approved thought & expression and to identify & eradicate all dissent.

  5. From “Independent,ie

    “Cancel this culture of fostering ‘jobs for the girls’
    Katherine Zappone offered herself to Simon Coveney as his Special Envoy for Freedom of Opinion and Expression for the Irish Government. I could do this work because unlike Ms Zappone, I accept that freedom of speech and human rights entail all viewpoints, not just the political correct- ness which embraces cancellation culture.

    The Irish electorate did not want her to represent us in parliament yet Mr Coveney and his friends reward her with this appointment to be effectively again part of the jobs for the girls club. Shameful trickery.”

    Robert Sullivan

    Bantry, Co Cork

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