Living in Noo Yoik — 17 Comments

  1. Don’t know what you did but it must have been something pretty bloody diabolical for you to have been unknowingly co-opted into the land of the septics.

      • Quite possibly: after all, many of ’em ended up being offered “new opportunities” with the US Gov’t, or the CIA, etc.

  2. Grandad, you had to expect something like this. You recently declared the manor and all surrounding grounds to be an independent nation within Ireland. Surely you had to expect some fallout.

    It could be far worse; they could have renamed it Portland.

    • I did NOT expect to find myself living next door to New York. With all due respect to the place, it is the very last place on earth I would want to visit. Now I have to do my shopping there?

      • To be honest, from my point of view little respect is due where New York is concerned. Personally, I have always had a preference for small towns and rural areas. Nobody gives a damn what you are doing as long as it isn’t bothering them.

        • Concrete and glass towers, crowds, noise and endless traffic? Nightmare. Give me the tranquillity of the countryside any day.

  3. Maybe you will get to see and hear, that miracle of the preservative powers of Power’s and dentistry Shane MacGowan singing along with a CGI depiction of an un-aged Kirsty MacColl.

  4. I assume it’s New York State and not New York City? It would be a bit hard to imagine the village as Manhattan or similar!

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