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  1. From the article:

    “Possible death rates for just three months range between 335 and 1,760 people, he said. “In the War of Independence about 2,300 people died … to put it in context”.”

    Hmm, bad comparison. Comparing the so-called delta variant to people purposely trying to kill other people? Yup, bad comparison. As for the rest of the article…pure supposition on his part. If a lawyer came into court with all those “possibles” and “coulds” the case would be thrown out before it ever started. No wonder you folks over there have become numb to all the fear mongering by your health mob.

    • That’s an excellent point about testing evidence. All these pronouncements are uttered with such miserable sincerity I swear they are just trying to drive us to their level of depression.

    • I didn’t see it [I don’t watch the news these days] but I am not in the least surprised. Once the temperature rises above fifteen, the road to Brittas Bay becomes jammed.

  2. It’s 23 Celsius in the afternoon here in the Wilder West of Ireland. Have taken to putting up a gazebo on the back lawn and sipping cold drinks while sweat soaked locals wander past muttering “Jaysus but it’s a bit warm so it is.”

    Three more days before the traditional Irish thunderstorms hit methinks. Have stocked up on cold beers.

    • Another week yet [apparently]. Don’t be complacent about this weather in Ireland – it is exceptional. They will be talking about The Summer Of 21 for decades, long after the pandemic is forgotten.

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