Death by a thousand cuts — 7 Comments

  1. Yes indeed, the perils of a ride-on mower! We have elliminated most of the brambles over the years, but in our garden wild roses shoot up everywhere and do the same job. Then there are the aggressive military style stealth nettles that can hide in the most unexpected places.

    • How the hell did you eliminate them? Napalm? I don’t mind wild roses. We have one that persists in denying access to the front door. A beautiful scent though.

      • The wild roses are very pretty and nicely scented so we cultivate those in sensible places, we have a hedge of them, but they are very unwelcome when they produce a barbed whip hanging out from the shrub bed. Not all brambles are eliminated, but when we moved here they were up in the trees and covered large areas of previously untended garden, years of pulling them up has helped restrict them to safer places.

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