The Victor Meldrew Syndrome — 16 Comments

  1. Go back?  Aha, so you admit to your youthful behaviour!

    I know a man who has some, but how would I get it over the water to you?  Apart from which, observing the stoned suggests they're still grumpy, just too lethargic to do anything about things.

    I have given up watching the TV shit-shows (news), or listening to radio talking heads, and am much calmer as a result.  But I guess you cannot avoid these irritants when the sound is audible from the next room.

    • Youthful?  I only stopped growing the stuff when we couldn't take the smell any more.  Anyway I had to convert that room into a cell ward room for Herself

      • I can’t post pictures apparently, oh well  If I remember correctly the quote is” I don’t need to control my anger…everyone else needs to control their pissing me off!”

        • Ah yes.  WordPress might be under the misapprehension that everyone would post hard porn pictures in the comments.

          Maybe I should try and bypass that block? 😈

  2. "They all seem to think that adults should be spoken to as if we were five year olds."

     Grandad, I don't know about your neck of the woods but here on the left coast of the states a fair number of adults act like five years old. (In fairness some made it into their teen years before development was arrested.)

    • I see a lot of evidence of that on the Interwebs all right.  Up here in the mountains we tend to be more mature [at least in our twenties…]

  3. "Is this just my reaction to an infantilised world or is it a genuine aspect of ageing?"


    The powers that be are all in favour of an infantilised world: the great masses waiting to be told what to do, where to do it etc., and to give thanks to Nanny State for looking after you. Such a mass is much easier to control and harbours few treasonous thoughts of dissent.

    Being grumpy is a natural aspect of ageing:-

    1) You've used up pretty well all of your lifetime's supply of tolerance.

    2) Your longer experience of everything enables you to identify bullshit more easily.

    2a) Similarly for identifying bullshitters.

    3) You are personally affronted that they take you for the sort of cretin who swallows their bullshit.


    So, all-in-all, it's your rational maturity which sees that the world is accelerating towards a dystopian nursery, with a majority seemingly content to abnegate any decisions, or even thinking. Naturally, this stokes your internal boilers as it does mine.

    The Victor Meldrew Syndrome is more than a syndrome – it’s an achievement!

    (End of rant).

    • That is very consoling.  I was getting quite grumpy with myself for being grumpy, but now I shall wear my grumpiness with pride.

  4. CBD oil is the new pot for us old pot smoking hippies. Hell, CBD gummies are the rage too. I personally take half a dropper of CBD at bedtime and no more tossing and turning. Feeling super stressed or pissed off try a gummie sometime. 

    • Hah!  I might try that.  They have weird regulations here so it will take some investigating.

  5. I find myself in your situation more often than not; just try to practise what I recently heard described by one of today's youths as 'radical acceptance.' Which apparently is today's version of  'it is what it is', which in turn is an expurgated version of 'shit happens.' Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose…as it were. Or not; I don't ever recall in my own youth change beating a misbegotten retreat (replete with the horns sounding) to once was. 'course my 'youth', at this point, being so far in the past at to be totally notional, may well not have been all that I remember (or more; let's be optimistic, if not exactly fair), what with several of the participants, not to say abbetters and/or witnesses, having sadly died off due to nothing more exotic than life's mundanities… 

    Which pisses me off.

    Any how I should probably mention I never gave up the smoke, just adjusted the dosage. Think it's working…

    [Elaine? Just tried CBD last night for the first time – on my fungal big toenail; heard good things, thought I'd try myself, all other home remedies being (so far) less than worthless]

  6. First time reader…good stuff. I'm encouraged to know that someone in Ireland gets just as crossways at these things as I do. And "infantalized world" is the perfect phrase. I see it every day, and it's excruciating.

    • Welcome S.K.!  I am delighted to hear that I'm in a larger minority than I thought. 

      Have to go now…  Am busy reading through your site!

  7. I don't know about you but for me it's a few things that make me grumpy in my old age.

    NOTE: Understanding that I've always been ornery.

    1. All the increased aches and pains have decreased my tolerance for idiots (not that I had any in the first place).

    2. Side effects of the meds I have to take decrease the above even more.

    3. A year of covid-19 restrictions have eliminated any tolerance I had left.

    There's probably several more but those seem to change priority each morning when I get up.

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