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  1. Your lot are amateurs – the UK Government is currently spending £106bn (and rising daily) to build a giant Hornby train-set, taking folk who no longer need to travel, from somewhere they weren't to near somewhere they don't really want to be, a few minutes quicker than it used to take and, in the process, ripping through a few hundred miles of previously unspoilt countryside, in addition to demolishing masses of properties and businesses along the way.

    That's close to £2,000 for every man, woman and child in the country, almost none of whom will ever need, or even want, to use it.  On the scale of economic madness parodies, that takes some beating.

    • I thought that had been shelved for the moment?  And don't forget, you lot are talking about a bridge between Scotland and Norn Iron!  That would cost a pretty penny?

      • Well, there's really only one of us talking about such a bridge: the one who was once a Conservative, but is now a woke green feminist type, courtesy of his latest doxy who appears to have him firmly by the 'nads. Hardly surprising that his grasp on reality seems tenuous, to say the least.

        • I suspect the fantasy 'bridge' is actually a double-edged political weapon – it panders to the Unionists, convincing them that there isn't really a master plan to unify Ireland whilst, at the same time, annoying the EU by suggesting that the UK may take sovereignty over the whole of its realm quite seriously.   It'll never be built, but a shed-load of consultants will bank a shed-load of planning money before it's quietly canned.

  2. Ah now, be fair to Flann O'Brien! The wily Sergeant Pluck was a model of clarity and transparency when compared with the chicanery surrounding Saint Vincent's Hospital and the Sisters of Uncharity.

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