Educating Herself — 8 Comments

  1. I've only just discovered your blog and you've already managed to horrify me. 

    Please advise Herself that Gilbert O'Sullivan is a treasure and that she should return home to his camp. 

    One of my aunts bought me O'Sullivan's first album on 8-track in the early 70s and I memorized every note, every chord change, every word. I used to "play" piano on my nightstand while listening to his music. Last year, my wife and I learned that Gilbert was coming to Knoxville, Tennessee, a few hours from where we live, and I bought tickets. Right after that, the China Bat Virus Kung Flu hit, and Mr. O'Sullivan postponed the concert for a year. The year passed, and now he's cancelled it completely. I'll always be a fan of his, but his production and touring staff are pissing me the hell off. 

    Come back, dear lady Herself. Turn from Farrokh Bulsara and return to Ray O'Sullivan. angel


    • Good Grief!  I didn't realise he was still around.  He's even older than me which is saying something.  Some people just don't know when to quit?

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