A ringing in the ears — 7 Comments

    • I thought they were associated with hormonal teenage girls?  There are none of those here that I know of.

  1. Leaving aside the mystical aspects, it's possibly due to an intermittent short in the bell's wiring – from its power source or between bell and door pushbutton.  I had a similar problem many years ago – 'twas a (fried) beetle under the pushbutton's cover!

    • I can rule out any physical fault.  The point is that the bell is LOUD and can be heard throughout the house [and beyond].  The ghost bell is only heard by one of us at a time.

      We were discussing this last night and she reminded me about the time she heard the ghost bell one night.  She checked through the window to see who was ringing it [thinking it was a real bell] and saw my mother on the doorstep.  My mother died a few years before………

  2. Maybe the ghost this time was that of Walt Disney himself come to say how sorry he was for leaving everything in the hands of such dolts. 

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