Crate of Valium required — 6 Comments

  1. As long as the cabinet housing the Jameson bottle and pipe tobacco isn't painted shut you can survive this.

    Good luck sir!

  2. I do not envy you! I loathe projects like that. James is right, don’t let them lose your Jameson bottle.

  3. Baccy and whiskey are locked away.  I don't trust strangers.  I think I'll move some of whiskey into an even more secure spot tonight.  It would take a surgeon to remove it from there….

  4. Nothing like the smell of oil based paint and cleaning solution is there? Did they paint Herself to her chair yet? I hope not.

    • HM The Queen thinks all the world smells of paint and cleaning solution, as it's all she's ever encountered in 95 years.   But maybe that's the secret to long life?   Bottle it.

      • I wish I could bottle it.  In an airtight bottle.  One I could throw in the ocean.

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