Laptops for sale — 10 Comments

  1. All they have to do is wipe the hard disk and reload the software

    I remember reading about some really nasty malware which can hide in/on the motherboard and then replicate itself after the O/S is reinstalled, AND the BIOS has been re-flashed.

    Has anyone got a spare copy of WIndoze XP

    Pretty sure I've got one somewhere…

    • I have heard of a virus or two that can infect the BIOS but I doubt the current infection was one of those.  According to everyone I have heard, it was a straightforward ransomware attack which just screws up all the files.

  2. I've still got source disks (floppies) for Win95 – any takers?

    PS: it's just as shit as the latest crap out of Seattle.

    • It wouldn't surprise me.  Boris can ask whatever price he wants – they'll pay it.  It's only [taxpayers'] money after all.

  3. I have a copy of XP as well as a copy of SP3 to upgrade it once installed but also a copy of Office XP. Both include the activation codes. I wonder what the HSE would give me for them?

    • At least half a million.  They throw money around like it's water.

      On second thoughts, make it a round million.  They think the higher the price, the higher the quality.

      • Good. If you can get in touch with them for me I'll split the payment with you, 50/50. I'm sure you could use a half million? A quarter million even?

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