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  1. One of my cars has a feature which enables a creamy female voice to read aloud any incoming SMS text messages – sometimes this can, of course, become problematical if you're not alone in the car.   However, it is fun to get someone to send you a really filthy text, featuring the most fruity and downright rude words they know, then listening to the creamy female uttering those gutter-snipe words can be quite amusing on a long journey.  Simple things please simple minds, as they say.

    Give your 'flat American' a paragraph of putrid piffle and see how he manages that.

    • In fairness, one or two [out of dozens] suggestions were fine.  I have already done a rewrite of the offending passage.

  2. I like what you did, but you were asking for it. The longest journey starts with the first step and all that Kung Fu Tze business.

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