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    • The village is to be closed the week after next, Monday to Friday.  Then another closure the first week in July, but that's a night filming so we all have to be out of the place by 5pm.   There will be another two days of village closure on the 21st and 22nd July.

      It is really complicated and a huge nuisance.

      Presumably we will then have another several weeks of disruption while they rip all their constructions down and re-paint every building. 

      I noticed that our telephone kiosk turned purple overnight!

  1. I know nowt about Irish law – but it seems a hell of a thing when the powers-that-be can arbitrarily shut down/screw around with an entire village and make the locals subject to the whims of a few yankee arty-farties – without seeking permission or agreement from said locals.


    It's not Easter, but perhaps another uprising is called for?

    • I presume permission was granted by the council.  The shopkeepers are very happy about the whole thing.  They are all being generously compensated for the disruption and loss of business.  Owner occupiers are being moved the the most expensive luxury hotel for the duration.  And of course when the filming isn't in progress, trade is booming from the workmen and sightseers.  They are also hoping for a boom in visitors after the filming as people come to see where the filming happened.

      Us plebs who live outside the village of course weren't consulted, naturally.

      • So the spirit of community, independence, and the perfectly natural contempt for authority vanish when offered a little bit of personal gain.


        Doesn't say much for humanity…

        • Hasn't it always been thus?  They are taking the King's Shilling and fuck the rest of us.

          I'm delighted for my coffee shop though.  They haven't earned a red cent for months and I hope this swells their coffers a bit.

  2. My house was once used to film an episode of  "Hetty Wainthrop investigates" The living room and kitchen were full of cameras, lights and lots of other bits and pieces. The crew were very efficient and friendly,and we were given lunch with the production team. Once finished at about 5 o'clock, the clean up crew descended and proceeded to clear everything away leaving the place neat and tidier than it had been before. I was impressed by the professional way the crew worked, not so much the actors who were reluctant to even acknowledge the locals .We were handsomely paid for the disruption too.

    • Nice one!  The only excitement this house has seen was when a film crew came to film me for a programme about "blogging".  Just two lads with a van full of lighting sound and camera equipment.  They were here for the best part of the day and we had great craic, filming in the house, the garden and out on the lane.

    • Those campers would have been heading to the Youth Hostels in Knockree and Glencree.  There used to be hoards marching up and down the roads at weekends.  Hikers are a rarity now even before the Virus.  People are just getting lazy.  The Glencree Hostel closed down twenty years or so ago.

  3. I hope they put the buildings back to the way they looked like when they're done filming. Otherwise it might be a bit confusing for the returning tourists next year?

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