Just me and the jackdaws — 4 Comments

  1. We have a duck call thing (blow in one end and a horrendous noise comes out the other) as well as a crow call (works same way but an even more horrendous noise than the duck) for scaring off the hoards of grackles that tend to gather in our trees and "talk" to each other–what a racket that is–and raid the bird feeder. The neighbors still keep looking to find out where that awful sound sound comes from but at least they don't try to hide their children anymore.

  2. Same in my garden – the jackdaws had pushed out the finches etc.  I have found some seed and fat-ball feeders which they cannot raid: one from Roam-Wild, which has lightly sprung perches – a heavier bird landing on them closes the feeding hole.  And 'squirrel-proof' (not 100%, but not bad) fat-ball feeders from Food-4-Wild-Birds.  These completely flummox the pigeons and doves too, so it's back to just finches, robins and tits (oh, sorry, that's the neighbour sunbathing).

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