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  1. "The line was drawn though at religious pictures in the house and we didn’t say the Rosary or Grace at mealtime."

    Same thing when I was a kid. We did have the obligatory photo of President Kennedy in the living room. We did say Grace but dad insisted that the Rosary was out of the question as he preferred hot (or at least, warm) meals at dinner.

    I went to public school mainly because dad went through his high school years at Mount Angel Abby and swore he would never subject me to what the sisters were capable of dishing out.

    • It may seem strange but I know nothing about my parents' education.  I have vague memories of someone mentioning Rockwell College in Tipperary but that's it.  It's little unanswered questions like that that prompted me to kick off this process in the first place.

    • Of course!  That miserable old fuck had so much to answer for.  We had to have a referendum a while back to remove the Catholic Church's "special position" from the Constitution which was inserted originally at the insistence of McQuaid.

      • Cooney's biography of McQuaid is a fascinating read. Ireland just seemed to cave in to whatever he demanded.

        Loughlinstown Hospital used to get blamed for his demise!

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