When the fog lifts — 4 Comments

    • Interesting!  Having Word on my machine does have one major advantage though – I have to log into Windows where there are far fewer distractions.  I generally leave the Interweb disconnected unless I need a drop of research or something.  Also there is the aspect of control – the files are local and I know exactly where they are.  I could even carry on writing during a power cut.


  1. I did the same with one of my little pills (much to my then doctor's dismay). Switched from morning to night and things were much better in the morning. Then the pharmaceutical experts at the VA started messing around with my meds–again–which fogged things up all over again.

    Looking forward to you excerpt.

    • I discovered the benefits of messing with medication when I found a cure for my restless legs.  Herself had left a load of her medication lying around so I took a fistful to see what would happen.  I had a brilliant high, and after things had died down a bit I discovered my legs were quiet.  I'm now on my own prescribed dose of it, bat sadly a lower dosage, so no more highs.

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