Emergency my arse — 10 Comments

  1. I'm terribly, but beautifully eco seeming responsibly, in jade green, wearing my mask. ;=})

  2. Aye, it's so soft now, that if I breathe in through my mouth, you may see the outlines of the orifice through which I may exhale and exhort my next edicts. Glory be to the Emerald Isle!

  3. Has anyone been following the hearings in the US where the question of this virus been created in a lab in China with US funding?

    Notice how there not a word on the Lame Stream Media about this.


    • The only "proof" against this theory is that the Chinese deny it.  Well, they would, wouldn't they?

  4. As long as their hands ARE cold and dead (specifically the latter) I won’t grumble.

    • Those fuckers seem to have eternal life. Though in fairness I have outlived quite a few…

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