No friends of mine — 14 Comments

  1. Grandad, if you can’t find anything good to say about Friends…


    come and sit down here next to me.

      • You're far from alone: I found "Friends" as funny as a case of rabies at Battersea Dogs' Home.

        But then, you have to remember that it was made for/aimed at the septics (the rebel colonials across the big water) who have never been renowned for their discernment or taste.

        • It was also made for an age-group not renowned for their discernment and taste – combine that with the target nation and we could expect no more than brain-dead froth, which is exactly what they provided.

  2. Damn!

    You guys aren't even bothering with a warning shot; going for the direct hit right off the bat.surprise 

  3. Most American humour in the Friends type shows aimed at younger audiences i can't understand, the shows are unwatchable, mind you i find almost all modern telly unwatchable, so bad that i haven't watched live telly for around ten years now and have no intention of buying a TV licence again.



    • Sometimes I wonder if I'm living on a different planet.  Other times I wish I was.

  4. Ghastly horrible unfunny 'mercan humour' (or humor as those illiterates would say).

    I endured teenage daughters watching this crap for years – it's left scars in my mind.

    • My worst nightmare is a long session of Spongebob.  Thank God the Grandkids are now beyond that little shit.

  5. It was totally unreal. All living together and no rows over who keeps pissing all round the pan, who ate my last bag of crisps (chips, eh?) , who leaves the seat up, who farts the silent but deadlys,  who put the pin holes in my rubbers, who empties the fridge at 3am, who has been wearing my shreddies?

    And how did they always get the best seat in Perk, the most popular posers' place in where ever it was?

    Frasier was miles better.


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