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  1. Same here in our household. It's amazing how being "retired" from the workforce eventually ends up making the days a blur. And I don't even have a date display on my watch to help me out. Seems like every day I wake up in the morning it's the weekend again.

    Sunday is pill box day for us. None for her, all for me. It would have been terribly tedious if my wife hadn't "named" each of my medications.

    And I agree with you about making pills round but I also have two that are so small I almost need a magnifying glass to locate one for the pill box. So if one hit's the floor there's little to no chance of finding the thing. I'm lucky though as one of my other pills is shaped like a Pin-Ball machine flipper and still another is shaped like a football (the American type).

    It's a good thing that Laurie and I enjoy our life of routine but it just seems to make the time fly by faster than I want it to. Or maybe it's the meds?

    • It took a while but I managed to synchronise the pills so we both need refills simultaneously.  It means a lot more pill-popping at one sitting but at least it's it's done for the week [or less, I swear].

      What amazes me is the different sizes.  If I place them in a line they look like a model of the Solar System, from Uranus down to Pluto.  I must take a photo sometime…

  2. Grandad,
    Ain't that the truth. I'm convinced that, as they are mainly for the elderly who're just cluttering the place up, that there's a time accelerator built into those pill poppin' trays to shuffle us off a tad quicker.
    I win a little time back by popping something that needs heating for 6 minutes into the microwave and standing there watching the seconds tick down. Time stops…

    • I like that microwave trick.  I'm using the kettle and you're right – time does slow down considerably.

  3. When you have a discussion with the Mrs about what day of the week it is, go and check, only to discover you were both wrong – then you know you are truly retired.

    • Hah!  That happens frequently.  It happened only yesterday [or it might have been the day before].

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