A Lament — 5 Comments

  1. I'm with you there Grandad.

    The job I retired from was in a cube farm. I was the oldest one in the building, and along with a few young allies I fought change tooth and nail.

    "This works fine, why the hell are we changing it"? 

    "Because its four years old."

    "No, its two years old. We spent the first two years debating what we wanted out of it."

    Then it was decided we needed input from another third party vendor. I was never so happy to get out in my life!

    • Indeed you have, Darragh.  It seems like a lifetime since we met all those years ago [in Cork?].

      So you keep coming back time and time again in the hopes of finding something decent but all you get is the same old rubbish.  Einstein's definition of insanity?

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