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    • Sadly I would imagine that it's half way between satire and the truth.  The Powers That Be are notorious for using outdated operating systems and software.  The general philosophy is that if it works then why change it.

  1. "They also announced that the public need not be concerned about private and personal information currently being leaked on the “dark net” as that information was probably hopelessly incorrect anyway."

    OK, so which is worse, that they couldn't manage protecting the information they had or that the information they had was more than likely crap?

  2. Here in Blighty, our dear NHS is still leaking folks’ medical info onto the web even without the aid of a hacker…
    If you use their Corona Jab booking app, all you need is someones name, date or birth and postcode and it will show one of three pages, which page depending on whether they have had one, two or no jabs. So you can easily spy on your neighbors to see their vaccine status.
    This was pointed out to the NHS apparatchiks weeks ago, along with the fact that to reveal this information was illegal (as well as being a very basic and stupid system design fail).
    You will probably not be shocked if I reveal that they have done nothing to fix the system. Laws like data protection are of course for little people šŸ˜‰

  3. Here in NZ, almost simultaneously:

    "We don't pay ransom" – that's the message from the Waikato District Health's Board chief executive Dr Kevin Snee as the organisation braces for ongoing issues before regaining control of its computer systems.

    Snee said there was no clear timeframe before it was able to regain control of computer networks hit by a sophisticated cyber attack."


    I think I read that at least some were using Windows 7. Not sure. I still have an XP box. Very handy.

    Somewhere there might be a 98 or 95 486, even an XT laptop on DOS. Almost a museum.

    I wouldn't try to run a nationwide health system though.



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