The power of big corporations — 8 Comments

  1. Yes it's easy to see where it is.

    Some of the local shop owners seem to be loving it?

    Maybe you can get paid as a pipe smoking extra?

    “Submissions for non-descript roles will be accepted for all performers, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, disability, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity or any other basis prohibited by law, subject to legitimate casting objectives.”

    They don't mention smoking status …



    • That's the spot.  I have no intention though of saying where I live though.  I don't want hoards of autograph hunters hanging around my gate or taking "selfies" in front of The Manor.

      I'm just back from there.  Got myself a few takeaway meals from Ian.  He does brilliant curries and bean stews.

  2. A few years ago we had some film sorts in our village. Whatever until they started blocking the pavement and road and told me I couldn't drive down my road.cos they were filming. I could have turned around and taken an alternative route that wasn't much longer, but no chance. Sat pressing the horn until they moved (took maybe 5 mins). Every time we went past after the horn was pressed by both me and the neighbours. They were gone in 2 days never to return.

    • We are sort of used to these occasional disruptions.  The village has appeared in numerous films and advertisements which has one advantage – all the shops are regularly repainted [once for the film and a second time to restore its previous pristine splendour].  I remember a college lecturer once asking me why our telephone box was red.  They had forgotten to repaint it.

  3. Can't you apply for a job "as you have always wanted to work in Legoland"?

    You probably won't be chosen, but if enough of your villagers do the same, it should mightily p*ss off Mickey' s mentors.

    • Who on earth said I wanted to live in Legoland?  Cloud Cuckoo Land maybe but I was never a particular fan of Lego particularly after once stepping on a piece in bare feet.

      I imagine the village will just hunker down for the period and leave it to Disney and all the gawkers down from Dublin.

  4. I can always dress up as one of the Seven Dwarves [Grumpy?] and sneak in?

    Fixed that for you sir. (you are most welcome.)

  5. I wonder–if you had some old clothes tucked away somewhere that looked like they would fit in with all this Disney-fying plus your most Middle Earth-ish looking pipe, you might be able to stand around smoking said pipe in the middle of filming and they'd just think you were one of the extras?

    As to weather, the Disney people will just extend the shutdown period. It's what movie people do I suppose.


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