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  1. Appalling! Is this alkyd or acrylic paint?

    Alkyd tougher for kitchen & etc. Like old oil based paint, turpentine solvent.

    Did they use primer/undercoat, after sanding back the original?

    Do they even sand (wet & dry wet in finer grades on cupboard doors, at least!) between coats?

    Walls likely in water based acrylic.

    Do they really seem like they know what they're doing?

    Is their roller on wall technique random or ordered in grids or cells, keeping a wet edge alive?

    Buyer beware! ;=}))


    • Gloss on top of some kind of undercoat.  I ain't getting more technical than that.  The smell off it all is making me hallucinate though.  It is really strong despite open windows and doors.

  2. Just think, you could have the entire manor the same color inside and out. Unless the painters are using different colors oer item(s)?


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