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    • I have noticed right from the start that they have downplayed any good news and wallowed in the bad.  I'm sure our Chief Medical Officer is a nice man but he has the voice and manner of an undertaker when droning delivering the reams of numbers.  I have also commented that if a particular figure shows a sign of optimism, they switch to a different metric which will imply doom and gloom.

      For the last few weeks the fatality figures here have been very low [most victims being those beyond normal life expectancy] while new cases have remained fairly static around the 400 mark per day.  Their own figures show that the mean age of new infections show it's the young generations where the virus tends to be mild.  This should all be a cause for celebration but they still drone on about "not being complacent" and "not dropping our guard", implying that mass mortality will hit any day.

      Of course people are terrified.  It has been relentlessly hammered into them for the last fifteen months.

  1. “But I just have an extreme hatred of those face masks.”

    Join the gang.

  2. I suppose that for some folks this has become routine. Get up, pull a T shirt over the head and put the mask on.

    Eventually, humans will evolve to the point where newborns will come equipped with a small divot on the back of the ear lobes that elastic bands will perfectly fit into. In this future version parents will save a ton of money on the braces they don't have to buy because nobody will know the kids teeth aren't perfect.   

    • I saw a yoke on Dragon's Den the other night – a nose mask!  This was to be the new fashion in years to come.  It looked weird like a small steel snout.  God help mankind if that's what we're coming to!

  3. Dear Grandad

    I have never worn a face nappy and don't intend to.

    When Waitrose pestered me every time I went there I switched to M&S for my twice weekly shop, where they have asked politely 4 times in 7 months. Waitrose -£998.47, M&S +£998.47 (to 21 April).

    That nice Mr Johnson has declared vaccines don't work, but lockups do, apparently, despite places where lockups haven't happened having similar   results as, or better than the UK without the total trashing of the small business side of the economy.

    I haven't noticed any roll-back of the Phase 3 clinical trial on an entire population, and our Boris does seem to be salivating at the thought of the Indian Variant™ triggering yet another lockup, despite the fact that we are well out of 'flu season and both covid 'cases' and   'deaths', even those from stab wounds, are vanishingly small.

    When our beloved government mandates the vaccination of children, it will take the abuse of the public to an entirely new level.


    • The only time I do wear one is when visiting a hospital simply because they have teams checking temperatures and demanding answers to their questions.  I swear they have guns under their uniforms!  I have put the mask on in the local shop but only around my chin.  If I wore it properly my glasses would fog and I would become a health hazard as I blundered around.

      • Dear Grandad

        Three visits to GP, asked twice if I was exempt, three visits to hospital, not asked at all.

        Saw plenty of people, including staff, wandering around fingering their face nappies.

        Our beloved government™ is turning the heat up for those who decline to be vaccinated. I wonder where this is going to end – mobs with pitchforks and burning torches? Tumbrels and knitting women?


        • Just dropped into Doc's reception area.  No masks in evidence anywhere.  Was also in the grocers and chemist.  Ditto.  My only problem was having to shout through perspex screens and straining to hear the responses.

  4. On the day of its release Laura Dodsworth's book A State of Fear is #18 for Amazon books & the paperback has sold out

    Join the gang

    Count me in…

    And those of us who don't want to be part of a giant medical experiment are now going to blamed for delays in rolling back the restrictions:




  5. Your final paragraph is the right answer. But not to worry, when Covid is over they can go back to worrying about the weather, overpopulation, WWIII, food shortages,  asteriods, alien invasion, the lack of transgender bathrooms etc

  6. "Or is it that we are just breeding an entire generation of total neurotics who are afraid of their own shadows?"

    I'm not sure the issue is fear Grandad. It seems that over the years more and more people are forgetting (or never learning) how to reason things out for themselves. (There's an app for everything.) 

    Now, just in case you can't find the right app, the government has a website to answer these questions for you.

    Just for the fun of it I used Google to ask if I could actually burn my hand with a magnifying glass. The experts agree; yes you can! Back when I was a kid and didn't have Google as a reference I actually figured out on my own that if I could set a blade of grass on fire with the glass; probably best not try it on my hand.  

    • So true.  As a kid I learned all about gravity, fire, electricity and various other little pitfalls in life.  I learned about them the hard way by falling off a bike, touching something burning, sticking a bare wire into a power socket and other little escapades.  I didn't need Google or indeed any lessons at all.  I found out for myself the hard way.

  7. I remember being in the Tuileries Gardens in Paris on an August day and seeing Japanese tourists wearing masks. It was absurd, anyone who knows Paris will know that August is the quietest month of the year for traffic, the Parisians have all gone away, but these visitors still felt compelled to follow their social norms.

  8. They mask up as a virtue sign of surrender, they cower before the state apparatchiks having lost their individuality and seemingly happy to have done so, every week since this has started i've gone into shops unmasked, hoping that the sight of even one refusing to comply might give some moral backbone to others, a year later and i'm still the only shopper bar the very occasional time i see someone else without one.  

    How rapidly they've been beaten is shocking, what was it Winston said about appeasers and hoping they'd be eaten last, to be honest i'm bloody disgusted with my fellow natives, notably its east european and black friends and colleagues who are saying no to all of this, but as my Polish mate explained to me, our country hasn't been invaded and occupied by totalitarian regimes for hundreds of years and maybe we don't appreciate our freedoms like they do, fair points he made and it made me think.

    Morrisons staff almost always unmasked themselves have all been noticeably more friendly with me than the assimilated, but then a smile and some friendly banter tends to be reciprocated, but more than one of the girls have asked me to use their tills when i visit, can assure you it ain't for me good looks or other appeals, they comment that many of the people behind their masks have turned nasty.

    Being asked more and more by others, who've agreed to be part of this clinical experiment, if i've had the jab, no and no i'm not complying with that fearmongering either, the attitude from some seems to be hardening though, its as if because they've taken the risk they want everyone else to do the same, sort of weird herd mentality rather than herd immunity, only one old chap and ex colleague i met…who boasted about how he volunteered for early injections and had both much sooner than most…told me i should be forced to have the jabs, well sod him too.

    Look at what they've accomplished, by fear propaganda, over the last 14/15 months, imagine how compliant the Borg will be after another couple of years of this, suspect us dissidents will be wearing  yellow stars on our sleeves before long.

  9. Why not use face paint and paint one on. Given the epidemic of tatts expect to see one tattooed on.

    Indian? Hmm. If they is rapists it is Asian. But with covid it is Indian. Don't want to restrict the number of originating nations do we. Expect the Sri Lankan edition soon.

  10. I've even seen quite a few drivers wearing masks when they're the sole occupant of their vehicle. Utter idiocy (unless they've just nicked said vehicle).

    • Ted, probably the same people that put them on in the morning as soon as their feet hit the floor and with meals being the exception, don't remove them until bedtime. 

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