The Snoopers’ Charter — 11 Comments

  1. Will the snoopers be paid or just score points toward their next traffic citation?

    • Dear James

      The dobbed-in get a debit on their Chinese Social Credit Score™ and the dobbers-in a credit (less admin fee).

      The CCP get a cut too.

      This is the way the world ends …


  2. When you ever wondered how they managed to get humans(ish) to push innocent Jews and others deemed undesirable onto the cattle wagons and then to their death, just look and weep at our fellow humans(ish) eager to please the controllers of the state, there they are willing and waiting to exert their little bit of power.

    Apart from the sick minds who would enjoy roles they were seemingly born to, it's incredible just how quickly the vast majority of people have been cowed by the govt and mass media fear propaganda over such a short time, imagine how bad things will get after another 5 years or so of more of the same, are we entering end times? sometimes i wonder.

    • Never forget they took this mans children away while daily the State are brainwashing children in the school system.                                            The Irish State has a long history of taking children away like they did in the 50s ans 60s all covered up but looks like nothing has changed.         


  3. Seems the biggest arseholes have all incarnated in Ireland and are having an orgasmic shitfest. 

  4. What is your country coming to?

    Like just about every country on the planet a sick police state. Years in the planning.

    Ask Pat Sweeney who had his children taken from him at 3:30 in the morning as "punishment" ??? for filming a raid by the Gardai on his Church.

    That must be near the bottom now.

    Further details on UKColumn.


    • Could not see it on UKColumn but its on Irishsentinel.

      What you see here is what the Nazis done by getting neighbours to report people to the Gestapo and taking their children away. Today we have the covid Gestapo.

  5. Bring back the guillotine for the high-office offenders?

    This post was classic, I kid you not. Pure Grandad all the way. Actually, it made me feel a bit better about things here across the pond in general. Nothing like what you folks are putting up with. Whoever thought that Head Rambles would become a soothing balm for we covid-weary masses across the ocean?

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