I am a melancholic — 11 Comments

  1. Windows 10 is our system at school, when it is not seizing up, it provides constant riddles.

    • That's why modern youth is so good with technology – they have to keep fixing the constant breakdowns.

  2. I have used nothing but Windows (version whatever, after whatever….) for some time now and have never had a problem crop up.

    Now, it must be remembered that I am not a "computer guy", never have been and never will be. This means it is altogether possible or even more than likely, probable that it's been screwed up all along and I never knew it. 

      • No can do, I have three joys in retirement. Pipe tobacco, Whiskey, and Solitaire. Sex dropped off the list when it became more work than an actual job.

        I hear you younger fellas snickering out there, it will happen to you too! (Just ask grandad.) wink

  3. Missread your post title.

    Thought you had developed an irresistable liking for some new brew of electric soup.

    However once you find a supplier of melancohol it could be the cure for your malady.

    No, I am not implying your woman requires a fix.

    • Doonhamer, I’m given to understand that according to the Oregon Health Authority, this is built into one or the other (which one is not clear) Covid vaccines.

    • That's one factor I wasn't worried about.  The machine originally came with 10 but I had wiped it to install 8.1 [because I had the disk and am not fond of 10] and Linux.

      I finally cracked it through sheer dogged determination.  Wiped the drive, installed 10 and a copy of Linux in case Grandson the Younger is interested.

  4. I know the feeling well, sir. After we were forced to replace our old desktop PCs (and I mean "forced" since we were hanging on tooth and nail to the old ones) and I had to set up and wrestle with drivers and programs, manual back ups and restorations, twice over mind you, I swore I'd never set up Windows again. That was the last time.

    Then our old laptop died…

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