Blow, blow thou winter wind — 8 Comments

      • 41DegF here in the UK – and just as miserable as in Ireland. The autistic Scandinavian school-child has some explaining (and apologising) to do.

        • They worked out that their previous slogan 'global warming' was a hostage to fortune, especially as many of us would prefer some of it, so they changed the alarmist message to 'climate change', that way they can claim any difference, from full-on ice-age to universal desert, can be blamed on my cars, my central heating and my delight in eating animal-flesh.

  1. All these pollies with their PPE degrees claim they, or rather we the punters, can change the climate.

    But not one of the buggahs has asked us what climate we would like. 

    They are bloody arrogant, assuming that we on the Celtic fringes want the same climate as they in the Home Counties want .  Home Counties, even that is arrogant – implying that anywhere else cannot be a propah home. Oh yes, they love to come and ski and patronise the locals but every evening they retreat to their roasty toasty hotel while the fully patronised local has to return to his hovel and decide if he wants to be warm or have a nice meal.

    It is very hard not to swear

  2. Heretics! Infidels! Unbelievers! Is it not written that the Seas shall rise and the Sun scorch the Earth if Man mend not his wicked ways? Do not 97% of our Priests say so? Has not the Climate Catastrophe inflicted a plague upon us as a warning of worse to come?

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