Breaking red — 6 Comments

  1. Oh grandpa ahoy,

    The pipes the pipes are calling

    From glen to glen and down the mountainside…

  2. The further you go from Dublin, the more traffic lights become advisory rather than mandatory – and "road closed" signs make good chicanes!

  3. These temporary traffic lights are only working if they stop traffic.

    The radar ones are well programmed.

    When you come to a set, it will switch to red with green for non- existing traffic coming other way.

    It will stay red until someone approaches from the other direction, when their light will turn red.

    There will be a short delay,dependant on how evil the programmer feels on that day, with red in both directions after which your light turns green for a few seconds.

  4. None of those temporary traffic lights for us in Vermont. We have "flaggers". Yes, people paid to stand around with a flag in one hand and a handset (walkie-talkie) in the other to handle traffic during road destruction construction. The handset is obviously used to talk to the "flagger" at the other end of the road destruction construction so they can plan the next traffic snarl up for when they get bored from standing around.

    I wonder if the town/city/state covers funeral expenses for any "flagger" that gets run down by irate drivers who were involve in the latest planned snarl up?

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