When chaos reigns — 4 Comments

  1. You might want to delay having the AZ one (or the J&J one), as these, both modified adenovirus types, are now under investigation due to unusual blood clots.

    The Health spokesmen are trying to cover this up by saying the incidence of clots is no higher than normally seen, which is true.

    But that's failing to mention that these clots are a very unusual and rare type: CVSTs, or Cerebral Venous Sinus Thromboses.

    And those having a vaccine when they've already had covid should be very alert to changes in their health as there are now anecdotal reports of other problems with the combination.

    (Although why anyone would choose to have a vaccine after already having had the disease is beyond me.  We've never needed one before, for any past illness).

    • Apparently those clots are predominantly in females aged under 60 and they're talking about something like 4 cases in a million.  I wouldn't buy any ticket with those odds of winning?  Also I'm on blood thinners!

  2. I had my second AZ-Oxford inoculation last Saturday. I specifically asked for AZ because I have a concern about safety of mRNA injections because I have a concern about autoimmune disease. Normally any punter would be told to take what you get but my little lecture got me the one I wanted. I point blank refused the Pfizer one.

    • We were told categorically that victims people would NOT have a choice.  I didn't worry as I knew Doc of old and his attitudes.

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