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  1. Before I send my €1,000 can you just confirm that I don't have to supply my own virgin. I'm not sure I could identify, let alone supply one of those here in Essex.

      • The recycling plan is a good one. As for me, I've never been much of an "enviro guy". Without a doubt doing more harm than good. My one redeeming feature in that arena is that every email I send is sent with 100% recycled electrons.

  2. I posted a comment on Nourishing Obscurity yesterday that when you click on the Martin Scriblerus icon and reach the list of links, his link goes to his old address. I’m not sure if it is still happening.

  3. Keep it clean, chaps. There may be gentlemen reading this post. I always come here from Julia's site and access MS from the little window on the right after I've cheered myself up reading the latest Irish Gubmint absurdity and realising your Gubmint is almost as cretinous as our own dear British Administration. Eejits all.

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