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  1. It'd make a good insecticide if you need one for the manor.

    Or vitamin B3, otherwise known as Niacin or Nicotinic Acid – see, tobacco IS good for the body!

    • According to cereal packets of old, Niacin is essential for all growing children.  "Contains Niacin" plastered all over the boxes!

  2. Not what you were asking, but the best thing for getting nicotine off windows is diluted ammonia (1tablespoon per litre). Clears the sinuses too

  3. Take your nicotine solution and place in a spray bottle. Add a small squirt of washing up liquid. Spray the roses and fruit bushes if you have any, say goodbye to any aphid infestation.

    • Excellent!  It already has washing up liquid in it, so all I have to do is decant it into spray bottles and flog 'em at €10 a shot down in the village.  Thanks!!

    • Heh! Sorry.  Just messing around on a live site.  Not normally advised?  Rating system now removed [for the moment]

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