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    • The reason I wanted the Richard Digance one was the memory of the concert.  Several thousand voices all singing the chorus of his version was a spine tingling moment.

  1. I saw Martin Carthy, in the early seventies, in our local pub folk night here in leafy Saddleworth. He was a favourite of mine then. I think it was after his break with Dave Swarbrick.

    I used to try to sing his songs, Byker Hill an Walkers Shore defeated me, with its 5:4 (or something) rythm..

    Long time ago, but very happy days.

    • Happy days indeed.  I think it was the same summer I had tickets to see Steeleye Span and Tom Paxton on consecutive nights.  The Steeleye concert had to be postponed to the following night because of an electrical fault .  So I went to the Steeleye concert [brilliant!] and as soon as it ended I had to dash across Dublin just in time for the start of Tom Paxton.  That was a vary memorable night!

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