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  1. Happy Birthday!


    I'll be a mere 1000110 in a week or two (so am still in the better 'cohort' yet)


    There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who do not.

    • Thank you sir, and many happy returns in a week or two.

      There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who do not. laughlaugh

  2. Someone I know who works at Leinster House observed that the median age of Covid deaths was 83 whereas the average life expectancy in Ireland was 83. "Catch Covid," he commented, "and live an extra year."

    The end of the world Christians in the 1970s used to say the mark of the beast would be in binary – 1010011010. I suspect they were people who had not liked their maths teachers!

    • Why on earth [or heaven or hell] would the mark of the beast be in binary?  I always thought it was just a mark that could equally be "bbb", or did they insist it was numerical?

  3. I'm pretty much ignoring anything about Covid-19 these days. In fact, I'm downright disgusted with the way people are acting overall. A good local example is the UPS store we have on Main Street here in Newport that just got their contract yanked by UPS due to the owners finally getting sick and tired of wearing masks and decided not to anymore. So, now we have yet another closed business on Main Street to go along with an entire block that was torn down and is now a big cavity in the ground.

    Oh and a very happy birthday to you sir! On an up note, you're only 47 in hexadecimal so take heart.

  4. It is often said that there are two types of statistics, those you look up and those you make up.

    I'm not convinced that all the governmental Covid stats sit happily in the first category, but creating a fog of apparent data is a sure-fire way to make sure folk don't spot the difference.

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