You have to love the Irish — 5 Comments

  1. You could always be a TV or radio reporter going out to interview the dentist and write up a report on how terrible it is that some people evade the rulings that us plebs have to comply with.

    We had this in Scotland when TV people would travel quite a distance to winge, or is that whinge, about BoJo travelling quite a distance to do a publicity thing in a vaccine warehouse in Scotland.? 

    Zero self awareness.

  2. I advised my wife not to have the Pfizer vaccine and I refused it too, but I did give a very fast lecture on my concerns about long tern safety data being absent and my concerns about autoimmune disease if you deliberately create a cohort of alien cells out of your normal ones. We were both given the AZ-Oxford vaccine as requested. I worked as a consultant.

    • There is complete chaos here with the vaccines.  AZ was first unavailable.  Then it was available [big fanfare].  Then it was withdrawn for the over 70s.  All over 70s are to receive Phizer instead.  Now it's fine for the over 70s.  No one seems to know what the hell is going on.  Is the "Phizer for over 70s" order still in place?  Anyhows, I haven't received The Call yet.  I can only wait and see.

  3. The vaccines are approved by the relevant bodies in multiple jurisdictions, and have been assessed by far better qualified than a GP.  The doctor in question, is in my view, demonstrating his unfitness to be allowed to continue in practice. There is no place for antivaxxers in health care.

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