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  1. She looks like the proto-Karen.

    Bet her sermons were doozies. No wonder she is an ex-minister.

    Total aside – I never see those white doggy jobbies that I used to see in my youth. Looked like sticks of chalk.  What in the diet caused that?  Or maybe it was just a Scotland thing. Too mean to buy proper dog food. Just bones.

  2. Being a connosew…connoseu…fairly knowledgeable about doggie poos, it's raw bones that lead to white crumbly poos, course every man and his dog knows dogs should have uncooked bones and not cooked ones, dogs are designed to process such raw items.

    • I suppose it's a sign of the times – your local butcher is a rarity so there is less chance of asking for a few raw bones [which they were always delighted to give].  Meat these days seems to come pre-packed and mostly boneless.

      • Luckily our local Morrisons butchers dept bags up the few lamb bones they get whilst doing their thing, get enough for a good chomp for our three mutts for about a quid, beef bones are too tough. unless you've got a hound from hell.


  3. Dog licences have not been required in England since 1988.  But it's been a legal requirement to have all dogs micro-chipped in England, Scotland & Wales since 2016 (although many owners are unaware of this).

    Oh, the fun we had with white poo sticks!  (Those were the days when teachers still used chalk and blackboards – sometimes the chalk was not quite the same…)

    • I think chips are mandatory here too.  Doesn't bother me whether there's a law or not as it is only common sense to micro-chip a dog and I always do it.

  4. Perhaps the senator was referring to her own village as far as poo being everywhere? Whether she does or not I get the distinct feeling she has a poo fixation. I wonder if there's counseling for that?

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