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  1. As one with an identical wife-score and duration, the idea of trading-in for a newer model may indeed appeal at times, but are we sure we could handle the performance levels of more up-to-date equipment?   The mantra 'Be careful what you wish for' applies.

    • Ah yes.  There is something very comfortable with an old[er] model.  I certainly don't fancy the whole running-it-in lark.

  2. Happy anniversary.

    According to Met Eireann, there was frost every day during the final week of January – a chill that might have been described in Ulster as "a mother-in-law's breath."

    Is there some special jewel or precious metal you should be buying to mark the occasion?

    • As usual, Met Eireann overstated things.  There were a couple of cold nights and even a flurry of snow but not frost every day.

      I haven't looked up the appropriate present.  Maybe I'll wash her dinner plate before serving dinner.  That will be a nice surprise?

  3. You been taking the Brave pills?

    If Her Indoors does not read your issues, she will have allies who do.

  4. Well, happy anniversary and all that. I'm thinking that at your age you should keep the model you have. After 45 years there's a good chance she's used to you by now. And I hear that new models have a lot less attention span patience than the older ones have (my wife may be the exception to that).

    As for me, in the last 45 years I've passed a lot of water–more now than ever.

    • Thank you Sir.  Yes, I'm happy to keep the model I have.  There are some rust problems and a few of the main bearings are worn and rattling a bit, but I reckon she's good for a few miles yet.

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