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  1. As one with an identical wife-score and duration, the idea of trading-in for a newer model may indeed appeal at times, but are we sure we could handle the performance levels of more up-to-date equipment?   The mantra 'Be careful what you wish for' applies.

  2. Happy anniversary.

    According to Met Eireann, there was frost every day during the final week of January – a chill that might have been described in Ulster as "a mother-in-law's breath."

    Is there some special jewel or precious metal you should be buying to mark the occasion?

    • As usual, Met Eireann overstated things.  There were a couple of cold nights and even a flurry of snow but not frost every day.

      I haven't looked up the appropriate present.  Maybe I'll wash her dinner plate before serving dinner.  That will be a nice surprise?

  3. Well, happy anniversary and all that. I'm thinking that at your age you should keep the model you have. After 45 years there's a good chance she's used to you by now. And I hear that new models have a lot less attention span patience than the older ones have (my wife may be the exception to that).

    As for me, in the last 45 years I've passed a lot of water–more now than ever.

    • Thank you Sir.  Yes, I'm happy to keep the model I have.  There are some rust problems and a few of the main bearings are worn and rattling a bit, but I reckon she's good for a few miles yet.

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