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    • It possibly would have been but we would be  over the whole lark by now.  Herd immunity and all that.

  1. I just wrote a piece on Somerset Lad about the virus undergoing adaptation through natural selection. Straightforward evolutionary science suggests that the strains which survive will be those impervious to the preventative measures. 

  2. Some of them are lying, as they have worked out (correctly) that in the eyes of the government media and establishment, there are 'good' victims and 'bad' victims. Interesting that it was the opposite during the AIDs pandemic (not sure if it even qualified as a pandemic.) We were told we couldn't point out that the afflicted had disproportionately promiscuous risky lifestyles because that would be homophobic.

    Recent survey found that only 7% of the public felt that the restrictions were over-the-top. A high % want more lockdowns, and more restrictions. They won't be happy until lil Meehole orders a curfew at the behest of Chief Medical Gobshite. The Irish are the complete opposite of the cliche of fighting Irish, rebellious, fractious, etc. In fact, as a race, we are easily led, easily brainwashed, supine, compliant, meek and submissive.

    • Although, I must say, thank heaven for the Hippocratic Oath and medical ethic. They can't, fortunately, refuse treatment to someone who openly admits to going to all night raves etc and as a result contracts the virus.

      • And yet, they will refuse to treat smokers unless they stop smoking or the overweight unless they stop eating.   Oddly, if you choose to participate in known high-risk sexual activities, they will happily spend whatever it takes to treat your self-inflicted HIV/AIDS condition without censure.  Spooky that.

      • The Hippocratic oath has now been revised to the Hypocritic oath:-

        Thou shalt not kill (but needst not strive officiously, to keep alive).

    • A very interesting observation, tdf: "… as a race, we are easily led, etc…" I have held that view quite firmly since the 2004 smoking ban in pubs, killing them. My then local TD, Paul Connaughton Snr., was surprised by the lack of revolt, as was I. I now see the Irish as you have described them and formed the view that, in the matter of the Easter Rising and what followed, the "fighting Irish" form only a tiny proportion of the whole, their real target their own people, their activities a form of expiation for the compliance you mentioned. It would be wrong though to see these "easily led, easily brainwashed, supine, compliant, meek and submissive" people wholly negatively, as, within those qualities, lurks a deeper one, tinged with the philosophical, namely that of not giving a fuck. This in turn conceals a talent for expedient deviousness, wriggling about within a benign exterior. So, we have compliance with the coronavirus diktat on the one hand but, tucked away, shebeens on the other. During the first year or so after the smoking ban, pubs brought out the ashtrays once the doors were shut. Yet, by and large, whoever wears the jackboot here will not find himself opposed directly – as you have suggested. 

      Written by an Englishman who, resident here 31 years, has become Irish inwardly whilst outwardly unchanged, thus fitting the bill of this chamaeleon theme – but also never fitting it.   

  3. It's an odd thing that apparently some can carry around within them and never know about it as it doesn't manifest in any way shape or form (it cannot as its a mind virus).

    And yet other people suffer all manner of symptoms and don't die.

    And yet others who get tested, always a bloody test note, (I've had flu twice in my life no test no drugs no vaccines or medical treatment of any kind just a knowing it is the flu, ponder that if you believe this virus is real it's never been isolated either but don't tell anyone) who die within an arbitrary number of days of having a test snuff it.

    And it is a cross species thing an can jump into and out of fruits animals and humans on a whim it seems, mink avocados, tigers and domestic cats in Japan to name a few.

    So deadly yet its presence can only be detected by PCR or lateral flow tests which are not designed to test for what they are being used to test for and the medical establishment and its humongous population of employees tells us to wash our hand, stay 6ft away from all other humans and don't go outside.

    Trust us not your immune system. Did god fuck up somewhere along the way and forgot to install face masks and hand sanitiser in my mothers womb?

    And yes smoking is the true root of all evils that affect the medical care systems of the world. This little weed which unlike the virus is a real thing when burnt can cause everything except the COCO virus affliction it seems. Just wait for a study to show coronaviruses actually mutate in dried tobacco leaves.

  4. Long ago I began to refer to such interviews as Grief Porn.  They are a cheap alternative to real journalism.

  5. How do you explain it?  How does one person catch a fatal dose when most others don't?  Even when everyone adheres to ever more stringent restrictions?  One answer is 'poor metabolic health'.  Anything that suppresses the immune system like the stress of being closeted indoors endlessly obsessing about rules when people should be out for a walk or playing outdoor games, or even getting out and having some fun?  Depressed immunoglobulins like not enough vitamin D in the diet?  An undiscovered Endocrine disorder?  Anaemia? 

    We cant' know because no one's really doing the in depth research from real world data.  Apart from 'conspiracy theorists' (Even if they are highly qualified medical professionals, virologists and epidemiologists), but no one listens to them, do they?

    When the Lysenkoism ends, the Pandemic panic ends.  And fewer people will die.

  6. Could it be that the people that don't do all these things are tough and resilient.  The snowflakes that wear the masks in cars on their own and wash their hands every 33 seconds have no viable immune system to deal with any infections because of those things.


    I can understand those who have other issues taking extra care but these seem to be ordinary people with no other issues popping off.

    Darwinism in action.

    • In earlier generations, from being toddlers, some of us ragged-arsed urchins played outside in the dirt and the dog-shit (or cow-shit for country folk), frolicked in becks polluted by industrial effluent, having a bath once a week in a galvanised tub in front of the fire, generally careless of all the places and people we encountered.

      Guess what, we developed natural immune systems vastly superior to the sterile, sanitised, safety-obsessed childhoods of more recent times, hence we became tough and resilient – we only catch a bad Covid if we have the misfortune to venture anywhere near an NHS hospital, which is what did for Captain Sir Tom.   We learn lessons too.

  7. I haven’t been able to access the death tolls recently, but I’m under the impression that over a long period it doesn’t matter whether you lockdown, maskup or not. The virus will run its course. I suppose that if you take precautions you may have a chance to wait it out until it mutates to a milder version but is that really worth ruining the economy for?

  8. It's the interviewer sympathetic nods, the camera zooming in to catch the longed for tear, and most of all the tuneless slow piano notes being banged out that really fecking get on my tits.

    It is all so formulaic. All so Drop The Dead Donkey.

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