Playing the Numbers Game — 6 Comments

  1. It's ruled by math. Science is math. Everyone has to be scientific nowadays. It's all in the numbers. There is no wisdom without scientific numbers didn't ya know? Learned wisdom is so old fashioned! Thanks for your posts, I read them all.

  2. GIGO.

    That is the polite version.

    On a Sinclair Spectrum and on Deep Thought.

    He, or she, or any of the other infinity of genders, who controls the Input also controls the Output.

    • Don't forget the program code.  Whoever coded it used a ton of input variables, some [probably most] of which are irrelevant to the real world.

  3. James, 

    If it’s Karens running this nphet thing, would that constitute a hagiography, with the emphasis on the ‘hag’?

    • All male [so far as I know], all Irish.  So not only is there a gender bias and misogyny but also a drop of racism.  They should be ashamed.  Where's all this "inclusiveness" we hear about?

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