The Great Dictator — 4 Comments

  1. On the basis that the RC Church has more blame and deeper pockets than the Irish State, it should pick up the tab – but it also has very short arms which will never risk its capital if someone else volunteers to pay.

    They should hang their heads in shame, but they have none of that.

    • They were given a deal years ago where they were told they would only have to pay a very small percentage, and the State would make up the shortfall.

  2. It is time the state started simply confiscating assets from the religious orders responsible. Thanks to Michael Woods' underhanded deal in 2002 they avoided paying even a small fraction of what they should have done.  

    As for John Charles McQuaid, Mercy Simms, wife of the Church of Ireland archbishop, who was on good terms with McQuaid, said he had an unhealthy interest in boys. A woman whom I knew who grew up in Ballybrack, near to McQuaid's expensive private residence, said that he had a telescope at the top of a tower in his house. "He used to claim it was for watching the stars. Who watches stars in the daytime? He used to be watching people on the beach. Dirty old man."


    • The idea of McQuaid being interested in boys comes as so surprise whatsoever.  Not only does it fit with his misogynism but also fits in with the Churches attitude and handling of paedophile priests.

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