The End of the World is Nigh — 9 Comments

  1. You may have accidentally come up with a creative solution to the mobile delivery of chilled vaccines – all those ice-cream vans currently redundant due to Covid restrictions, could be pressed into service to tour the land administering the freezing formula into willing arms in their own homes.  And for little extra, they could even have a flake too.  "Stop Me & Stab One".

  2. Somehow it reminds me of The Prisoner.

    Repeatedly, after an undetermined period, a day, a week, whatever, we awake to a new situation, with new rules, none of it with any logic, common sense or bearing on what went before.

    Should we rebel, go crazy, and go for a solitary walk on the deserted beach, plod in their Mini Moke, ee, aaw.  ee, aaw, will come and take us back.

    Then, after a year, two years, a decade, who knows or realises how long, we will wake up and be told, or perhaps just "know" that it is over. No explanation of why it happened or why it ended.

    We walk out of our own front door and everybody is normal. No silly crab dance distancing.

    We go to the pub, meet friends and have a beer, or few.

    We wonder what the fuck happened?

    • Dear Mr Doonhamer

      Will there be pubs to go to?

      If government wished to kill off pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes, this is how they would do it.


  3. In the vast expanse of History, all this is a perturbation that will be written about for future generations to contemplate. Right now, I find it a bloody exciting time. I love watching history in the making. I have done so several times in my life. Remember Cicero – "No human condition is lasting". This can be comforting in bad times,  depressing in the good times!!!

    • I don't think I would quite use the term "exciting".  I'm more worried about those whose businesses and jobs have gone to the wall.  I know this will end eventually, but another of my fears is the number of permanent changes that will happen.  I'll be happy when I can meet someone with a handshake without a second thought.

      • I suppose, as a retiree, I have not been affected much business-wise by Covid19. I can observe these events from afar, in the safety of old age, Also, none of my children have been affected financially, none lost their jobs. And my grown grandchildren even GOT jobs. But they have had Covid. It's an especially nasty "just flu".

        I don't live in the USA. But History is my fascination. I see a revolution starting there, not a revolution as in the Confederate War type, but a change in how people realise how they are controlled by government, by how information is censored, filtered down,  by how fraud and corruption are hidden. 

        Donald Trump has exposed the depth of the swamp and he will be hunted down, destroyed, financially crippled by his enemies, who clearly expose themselves now. The creatures of the swamp rise. Trillions of words will be written about this event – this crime. 

        For someone interested in History, it's exciting to see it unfolding – to follow events.

        I was talking from a standpoint of a vast view. People rise again even after terrible events. And since the dawn of time, nobody has successfully stopped humans from touching each other. It's what we do. 

        Things ARE going to change I think. We will never be the same again. We will be different in many ways, yet it will feel normal again once we become used to it. 

  4. This was all supposed to happen after I was dead–not before. That's pretty much all I have to say about that at this point.

    Other than the above I'm thinking of getting myself a chrome book to replace my old laptop that died recently. Not related I know but I thought I'd just mention it.

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