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  1. And what happened to the ordinary Flu that’s supposed to run riot at this time of the year?


    It's on a winter break!


  2. I do not know if they did the same in Ireland as they did in Scotland at the start of the pandemic.

    Anonymous decision makers decided to send sick, hospitalised, old folk back to the Old Folks's Homes, which now have new approved names, just so that they could share the benefits of our NHS. Being charitable, we believe that this was done because a "harbour wave" of sick people were going to need the hospital beds. Result- lots and lots of deaths of oldies – blame shoved onto homes and sudden availability of lots of beds in same homes. Strange lack of need for the hurriedly emptied hospital beds. Tumbleweed blowing through umpteen very expensive "Nightingale" field hospitals.

    Then there was the panic over ventilators. Not devices to let clean fresh air into disease ridden wards, but  little pumps to blow nice clean hospital air into diseased lungs. That panic quietly vanished with some unofficial reports that inflating infected lungs might be fatal. Nothing more was heard.

    At the same time the cheap old effective treatments were being bad mouthed because they were cheap, because Orange Man Bad, (I know Orange Man has Irish connotations, but you know what I mean), or because the "right" scientists had other ideas. Shades of post partum deaths of mothers attended to by Very Important Physicians. Too Important to wash their hands.

    Now the magic Pffizzer Vaccine appears to be quietly dissapearing, without the NHS getting a refund. What do they know?

    Now the only tool in their toolbox is the Lockdown Hammer, for which every problem is a nail.

    I wonder if we will ever hear the truth?


    • Same procedure everywhere.

      Truth? Depends on where you look. It's there for everyone looking for it.

    • Overall mortality is currently running below the five year average.  That's all causes, not just the COVID bogeyman.  So maybe the studies telling us that masks and lockdowns have little or no effect have some veracity?

      As for the vaccines *crickets*.  Although little birds have been tweeting that in the first batch there were over 3000 'adverse' reactions.  Mainly just nausea and malaise.  No casualty counts are available just yet, if there are any.

      I just can't help feeling that there's been something very wrong about this whole business.  The numbers just don't stack up.

      • "The numbers just don't stack up"  That's it in a nutshell.  The current figures are through the roof at around ten times the "first wave".  Is this supposed to be because restrictions were eased for a while and a few more shops opened?

  3. The facts are that after a year of the pandemic the "experts" are still clueless as to the actual facts.  I believe that 10 years from now over 80% of what we accept as "fact" today will have been proven to be wrong. 

    • Very interesting!  I just did a flick around looking for references to Ivermectin and came up with a load of [supposedly] reputable sites that certainly don't dismiss it out of hand.

      The problem of course is that Big Pharma expect to make billions [trillions] out of this pandemic, and an off the shelf item will spoil that dream for them.



    This Holohan chap is clearly retarded. He is now declaiming – apparently unaware that most if not all sanitisers – you know, the ones we are required to wash our hands with a million times a day – contain alcohol – that 'the virus loves alcohol'. Seriously, is he a real medical doctor? Obviously, the Pravda-like Irish media, being even worse than the British (where occasionally a note of challenge is still tolerated) reports his nonsense in entirely unquestioning fashion, as though we were living in a Stalinist state, which effectively we now are.

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