Ten seconds of fame — 8 Comments

  1. Hey, you were a lucky man. What on earth did she see in you?

    I also like the state of the art wireless. Was it your job to tap the valves and take the 6volt accumulators to the local garage for charging?

      • Translation: She figured you had enough potential in your tarnished soul that she had a decent shot in pulling it out, pounding it into shape, reinserting it, and making you a man worth having.

        Okay, I don’t know how valid the above is unless I see a picture of yourself during or about the same era so I can make my own judgement on the “handsome debonair man-about-town” thing. A separate 3rd party confirmation on this would also help but not necessarily required. Herself’s confirmation would be okay as well. 😉

  2. The good ‘uns all go too soon. That’s why I’m still around, I suppose.


    and yes, DH beat me to the draw. But you must have been a very handsome man in your day.

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