My number is up — 6 Comments

  1. How do you tell when a number is worrying?

    Does it become irrational? Maybe withdrawn because it is not prime? Or because it consider itself odd? or even negative? Or one of the vulgar fraction that is condemned to repeat for ever more.

    You have to feel sorry for a number that is imaginary, worth the square root of FA?.

     Then there all the poor ones that are binary.. The confused hexadecimal number that does not know if it is alphabetic or integral.

    Enough of this nonsense. Stop worrying the numbers.



    • Nonsense it may be, but Nolan is worried.  Poor chap.  Maybe he should switch off his Spectrum?

  2. Some numbers are fun:

    2021 is composed of two consecutive numbers and is itself the product of two consecutive primes, 43 & 47

    Your Pi symbol does not show up clearly  – perhaps a picture of a pie would be better?

  3. I used to have enough trouble with x and y without worrying about any of those long numbers.

  4. Just to be silly, a weekly number of 4 million would be not worrying. There would still be some un-infected but give it another 2 weeks and there will be no-one who could pass it on to those others.

    It's your middling or mediocre numbers that are worrying.

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