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  1. On the subject  of cars, a bloke down the road has an '07 Dublin registered Astra up for sale for several months, beginning at £1250, now down to £1000. Suddenly occurred to me that the speedo might be a problem, you blighters having succumbed to that invention of the Devil, the Metric System. Are Irish speedos only calibrated in kph? It will need changing to one calibrated in real money before it can legally be driven here. Expensive, I expect. But at least the steering wheel's on the right side!

    • Good point.  The new system [for those who can only count to ten] came in here around '05 so it's more than likely it has the new speedo.  The old speedos used to have kmph marked on them as well [as small little digits] but the newer ones are kmph only.

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