Killing Nanny — 9 Comments

  1. And lo, the vaccine came and pollies and media were ecstatic. The alchemists waxed rich.

    The proles will suck it up. 

    And then, the evil covid will be driven from the land and the pollies will be worshipped for their wisdom and benevolence. Selflessly, the wise ones will deny themselves and their families the benefits of the wonder elixir until others have been modified. And the proles sill fall down in gratitude.

    Well that is the plan.

    Will the proles fall for it? Will the media print or broadcast a contrary view? Tell us that the virus was impotent anyway, tell us that females who are of child bearing age or younger should not get this dna changing chemical. Worried by GM food? You aint seen nothing yet.

    • Will the proles fall for it?  Yes.

      Will the media print or broadcast a contrary view?  No.

      Little change there.

  2. I dont know about Ireland but in the UK the cost of staying in a dont care home is £500/£600 a week !!!!!!                                                                   See this clip how the people and their families are treated .

  3. The geeks are having their 15mins of fame and are milking it and prolonging it as much as they can, whilst the 'authorities' are revelling in the fact that vast numbers can be rendered totally and unquestioningly compliant and obedient with just the application of a little bit of divisive yet unfounded fear.


    And that's without seeking a deeper, darker, hidden agenda.

  4. If there is a row in a family, how is it determined which member of the family might be allowed to visit? 

  5.  "People are steering clear of each other and giving suspicious glances at strangers."


    Personally, I admit to steering well clear of, and giving the odd suspicious glance in the direction of, anyone wearing the gubbimint-mandated face-nappy in the open air – as distinct from while in shops, pharmacies, trains and the like. I assume such a person to be so paralysed by either anxiety or propagandised by the idiot tube that I don't want them in my orbit. Ideally, I don't want to be on the same planet as them, but I can't fix that for the time being.


  6. I’d give them suspicious glances myself except there are too many. I don’t mind them that much in shops but in the open air? That’s sheer neurosis.

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